Stonewood Stables is a full-board facility. We feed Purina horse feeds as well as T/A hay. If your horse has special dietary needs, we can most likely accommodate. Horses are fed around 7a.m. and then turned out until around 1p.m. Time can be flexible due to weather and various seasons. Horses are brought in to relax and fed dinner around 4p.m. We are happy to feed your personally purchased hay as well as supplements at your request in addition to our feed and hay. Please inquire by email, Facebook or call what the extra cost is.

Introduction to the herd will be in stages. We use the quarantine pasture to slowly introduce your horse to others. Coggins is required yearly to maintain a healthy farm. Also, vaccines and worming are not on a regular rotation so you and your Vet will care for your horse.

Please be advised that all boarders are responsible for their own vet and farrier charges.

We ask that your horse not have four shoes. We cannot turn your horse out with the herd with four shoes. Front shoes are welcome.

The barn atmosphere is relaxed. You will see many deer, turkey and other birds at the farm. We like you to consider the farm your down time from your day to day activities. Many boarders will tell you that not only do they relax out there but their horse has taken on a peaceful mindset.


Open and breezy can be used to best describe the Pole Barn. Each stall features a large attached paddock so your horse can stretch out and nap. We find that dirt bedding is extremely clean and sanitary in this barn. The tack and feed room are centrally located in the middle of the barn. The tack room is air-conditioned in the summer time to help prevent mildew. There is a refrigerator located in the feed room for everyone to use. The bathroom is located behind the feed room in the large warehouse. We do our best to keep the bathroom clean and well stocked with paper products and soap.

There are two wash racks located at the end of the barn for your convenience. There are also two sets of double Adirondack chairs for you to relax at near the wash rack. The chairs are perfect to sit in when watching horses in the arena.


Do you need more security and privacy? Our block barn offers you and your horse this comfort. There are only four stalls here with an air-conditioned tack room/feed room. We use pelleted bedding on top of rubber mats to maintain a healthy, clean stall. There is a wash rack that has hot and cold water for your use. There are lights in each stall as well as lights overhead when visiting at night. Nameplates and tack boxes are located right on or near the stalls. There is a picnic table nearby for you to relax and unwind.

(all boarders are responsible for their own vet and farrier charges) See Our NEW BREEZEWAY BARN here!

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